28th Annual Conference on:

Purdue University

TBD, 2021

Organized by
Sponsored by
Anson Soderbery
Purdue University
Tibor Besedeš
Georgia Institute of Technology
Jon Haveman

Next fall, the Economics Department at Purdue University will host the 25th Annual Empirical Investigations in International Trade conference. At this conference, economists specializing in empirical international trade will present their current research. The goal of this conference is to promote the awareness of ongoing research in the area. It is also our hope that by bringing together people of similar interests, increased communication of ideas and future directions for the general research area will be promoted.

Previous editions of the conference have included researchers at many different stages in their careers. The atmosphere is informal and lively, characterized by significant audience participation. We do not intend to publish the papers.




Format: The conference will begin at 9am Friday, and will continue through noon on Sunday. We anticipate having a total of 15 presentations, 6 on Friday, 6 on Saturday and 3 more on Sunday morning. Each session will be an hour long, with 30-40 minutes going to the presentation, 10 minutes to the discussant, and the remaining time to be used for open discussion.

  • Note: There will be a $100 registration fee for both presenters and other conference attendees.
    • Participants from Purdue University and graduate students are exempt from this fee.
  • Our submission volume has been very high and we try to read each submission. Accordingly, please submit only a single completed or nearly completed paper. Multiple submissions will be rejected. Abstract only submissions are not accepted.
  • In selecting papers, we have a preference for "new" work, that is, papers that have not yet had a chance for wide exposure and comment from audiences and referees. Accordingly, we discourage submission of papers that have been:
    • revised-and-resubmitted to a journal. Accepted papers are not eligible.
    • presented widely at other conferences, e.g., at the NBER, ERWIT, or other CEPR conference.
  • We will be sponsoring the graduate student competiton once again this year.
    • Graduate students, please make sure that you indicate your eligibility for this competition when making your submission.
  • Papers should be submitted electronically, in PDF format, through the following link:

Conference Registration:
  • Please notify us if you would like to attend and/or would be willing to serve as a discussant but are not submitting a paper.
  • Registration is mandatory if you would like to attend any of the conference.
  • If you are presenting a paper, you needn't also register. Your submission is your registration if your paper is accepted.

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