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Individuals included in this database have identified themselves as candidates available for consideration for jobs for economists. The information includes most of the standard information available/requested in academic job market applications. Letters of recommendation are not included.

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Search Results: 47 Candidates Found

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Alfonso Cebreros
Alvaro Garcia Marin
Anna Spitsyna
Biswajit Nag
Bo Chen
Carol Chen Zhao
Davide Del Prete
Dinesh Kumar
Dr. Natasha Agarwal
Gouranga G. Das
Hibret Maemir
Hyojung Lee
I. Leon Sorkin
Jackie M.L. Chan
Jahid Hasan
Jared Fronk
Joseph Mai
Joseph Vavrus
Julio Mancuso Tradenta
Kaleb G. Abreha
Kathryn Marshall
Kumar Gaurav
Maria D. Tito
Mariano Somale
Mengxiao Liu
Michael Malenbaum
Michele Bernini
Mingge Wu
Murali Kallummal
Nilanjan Banik
Oscar Mendez
Pamela Medina
Rubin Luniku
S. Ali
Samuel Admassu
Shen Qu
Stefano Bolatto
Syed Al-Helal Uddin
T. Clay McManus
Tamara de la Mata
Tan Li
Tommaso Aquilante
Tuan Anh Luong
Yury Yatsynovich
Zhaohui Niu
Zhiying Gu
Zouheir El-Sahli

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