Jibs Kravtsova

Contact Information
Jonkoping University
Phone: +4636101937
Email: kravik@ju.se
Ph.D., Maastricht University
Year obtained/expected: 2007

Job Search Objective: As described in the following pages, I have a strong research and teaching portfolio that covers several broad areas including international economics, economics of innovation and development, and international business. The three topics that I have explored most carefully in my research are the economics of foreign direct investment, innovation and productivity, and economic development in transition economies, although my publications also cover studies on trade policy, energy efficiency, agglomeration effects and externalities. All of my current publications are empirical and based on data analysis, where parametric and non-parametric technics to estimate productivity and efficiency are commonly applied. The main software that has been used are programming in STATA and R. My future research agenda is likely to have a stronger focus on knowledge, technology, economic growth and social well-being. I expect to spend substantial time on two research issues in the next few years: At the micro (firm) level, I will aim at identifying and measuring diverse productivity drivers and their importance in heterogeneous social context within and between Europe and Asia. Thus, it will examine different existing national systems of innovation’ (NSI) efficiency in terms of the link between innovation and productivity, I will pay a lot of attention to the institutional side and to the social and cultural dimensions; and it will examine in depth the institutional diversity associated with economic growth (in collaboration with Prof Slavo Radosevic, UCL and Prof. Erik Berglof, LSE). At the macro level, it will study the connection between technology, economic growth and social well-being, by extending to the socio-economic processes that help transform the “animal spirits” into a broader societal prosperity or social well-being. Various shades of capitalism in Europe and Asia will be studied through the broader socio-economic benefits. Namely, by expanding beyond the growth accounting and endogenous growth approaches and issues to novel concepts of the link between innovation and growth and, further, into the underlying issues of social well-being such as inclusion, equality, opportunities, and social care. In addition, I also hope to maintain some of my international collaborations focusing on Japan. Here, two areas are of interest. First, I am interested in exploring how productivity and agglomeration effects in Japan. Do highly populated provinces and cities like Tokyo or Osaka benefit from economies of scope? Second, Japan undertakes drastic reform in energy sector after the Fukushima crisis. I would like to explore the different features of energy efficiency in Japan using for the analysis plant-level data, access to which I have obtained (in collaboration with Prof Kyoji Fukao, Japan). I have extensive teaching experience both in Denmark and outside of Denmark. I have been a Lecturer at Maastricht University, The Netherlands during my Ph.D., where I have been teaching a range of subjects for a few years using problem based learning system. The subjects included International Economics and Trade, European Economics, History of Economic Thought, Microeconomics on bachelor level. I have also taught several courses at CBS, including International Business in Emerging Markets (Masters students), IB in Societies in transition, International Economic and Competitiveness. I completed many Assistant Professor courses at CBS, including Danish rules for oral exam course, Master students’ supervision and PhD students’ supervision, advanced teaching technique, etc. I have applied this knowledge already and hope it will be useful in the future. Currently I teach Development Economics; Globalization of Economic Activity; Innovation and Growth course and International Trade at Jonkoping University in Sweden. I speak Japanese and I have also completed a two-year course in Danish Language and obtained a full proficiency certificate (PD3) in Danish in December 2014.

Fields of Specialization Research Area
International Trade
Firm Level - Productivity
Offshoring and Multinationals
Growth and Dynamics


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