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University Of Trieste
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Ph.D., University of Turin
Year obtained/expected: 2013

Job Search Objective: In my job search, my first objective is to find a vibrant academic environment and join a research group with interests that are similar or even complementary to mine. I am sure I could learn a great deal from top-quality researchers and senior faculty members that I could cooperate with, and I would also beneficiate of all international ties that the new Department might offer me.

Multi-sector versions of the international trade model of Eaton and Kortum (2002) usually restrict trade elasticities to be identical across sectors, with potentially distorting effects on the estimates of the model parameters. This paper allows for heterogeneous sectoral trade elasticities and quantifi…es them by estimating an equation for bilateral market shares, with tariffs and standard gravity variables used to model trade barriers. Results show that sectors differ signi…cantly in the size of trade elasticities. The paper proves that this heterogeneity matters at least in three different respects. First, it matters when inferring measures of relative productivity from trade and production data. Secondly, it matters when considering the trade-induced reallocations of production within and between sectors. When assessing their relative contribution to the productivity gains that each country obtains from opening to trade, gains turn out to be largely due to the reallocation within sectors, especially for richer countries. Finally, accounting for the heterogeneity in elasticities is crucial when running general equilibrium counterfactual studies, such as that performed in this paper, which assesses the effects on aggregate of sector-specific technology shocks.

Fields of Specialization Research Area
International Trade
Industrial Organization
Trade Theory
Trade and Labor
Growth and Dynamics

Massimo SbraciaBank Of Italy
Jonathan EatonBrown University

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